PPCH is committed to providing a full-spectrum of innovative and individualized vocational opportunities and pre-vocational training that facilitate a person’s ability to contribute their gifts and talents to their communities.  Our diverse services recognize the varying levels of support a person may need on their path to an individualized job in the community. 


Our Community Integrated Employment program, RESULTS, connects people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities with skills training and paid employment. Meaningful employment provides individuals a measure of financial independence, fosters self-confidence and strengthens the sense of belonging within a community. Work situations also provide opportunities for social interaction, enhanced communication skills, and assistance with developing natural support networks. 

What services does the RESULTS program offer to participants?

RESULTS can help you conduct a career search, negotiate employment, and get the support you need to obtain and retain employment. We work closely with the Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and other referral sources, to help you find the resources you need to become self-sufficient.


Our current program offerings include: 

  • Situational Vocational Assessments

  • Job Coaching

  • Work Adjustment training

  • Discovery Services

  • Job Development

What services does the RESULTS program offer to employers?

Our program provides employee recruitment, training and retention solutions many satisfied businesses in the Denver Metro area - at no cost to the employer. We specialize in working with unemployed and underemployed segments of the labor market - people with disabilities. All types of businesses can benefit by hiring a job-seeker in the RESULTS program, from small businesses to international companies. Each job-seeker is carefully assessed to determine individual strengths and job aptitudes, and RESULTS matches the job-seeker's abilities with your company's employment force needs. Our goal is to find a good employment match for all involved. 


We will also work with your business to train all candidates hired through the program in the necessary tasks and duties required for a job. This type of assistance is called "supported employment," and is provided at no charge to the business. Supported employment is provided by a Job Coach, and this extra support helps ensure that each person you hire is a successful, integral part of your business, and stays on as an employee for a long time. Supported employment is provided for differing amounts of time based on your businesses' needs and the abilities of each new employee, and is always provided free of charge. 


PPCH’s FOCUS Program offers a combination of employment and pre-vocational services to men who have an intellectual/development disability and are considered high risk due to behavioral concerns and/or a history of sexualized behaviors.  This therapeutic program recognizes that earning a paycheck and having the dignity of work holds enormous potential for greater self-awareness and personal growth. 


We work with an experienced and dedicated team of licensed SOMB therapists headed by Jeff Kisicki and Kyle Lucas, who provide ongoing therapy and mentorship to our customers and extensive training to our staff.   

Through a combination of meaningful volunteer opportunities and classroom work, PPCH offers a

pre-vocational program that is designed to assist a person to find their unique aptitudes and interests, while developing the important soft skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining employment.  Our program works closely with a highly experienced behavioral team that is dedicated to decreasing significant barriers to employment by teaching people coping skills and tools that can be transferred to all areas of life.    


In addition to a realistic exploration of job possibilities, improving interview skills and developing a resume, our program focuses on teaching the following soft skills:


  • Importance of being respectful, kind, patient and honest with co-workers

  • Boundaries in the work place

  • Attendance and following common work place rules & expectations

  • Working through conflict with co-workers in a professional and healthy manner

  • Safety in the work place

  • Communicating needs/concerns to the right person and in a professional manner

  • Learning to let the small things go

  • Importance and value of team work

  • Presenting professionally

  • Satisfaction of a job well done

  • Recognizing the power, freedom and joy that work has to offer 

PPCH offers its team members the experience of working in a safe and supportive, staffed environment that allows for mistakes to be viewed as learning experiences.  A Supported Employment Group is an important stepping stone for individuals who are ready to move into a working experience, yet need readily available supports and training to decrease barriers to individualized

community employment. 


We seek to match individuals with work that aligns with their interests and abilities so that the possibility of a successful and positive working experience is maximized. PPCH works in collaboration with Jack’s & Steamer’s (a restaurant/prep kitchen/coffee shop/catering company) and SustainAbility (a recycling company), to offer integrated, on-the-job supports and training at minimum wage or above.  


Types of jobs @ Steamers:

  • Customer service at our coffeeshop and restaurant

  • Food preparation, including slicing and dicing vegetables, portioning meats, and making homemade sauces and condiments

  • Dishwashing

  • Making small-batch jams

  • Catering and food delivery


Types of jobs @ SustainAbility:


  • Customer service at our two public recycling drop-off sites

  • Electronics disassembly

  • Completing pick-ups of recyclables at local businesses and hospitals

  • Sorting, categorizing and processing recyclables for delivery to downstream recyclers

  • Working on trucks as a team to load and deliver recyclables to downstream recyclers


If you are interested in more information on our Vocational Services,  

please contact Cathy Lock.

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