March 17, 2020

It has always been, and always will be, that the heroes shine through in the darkest of times.  This, once again, has been proven over the past few days at PPCH.  From our Host Home Heroes, to our Foster Parent Fighters, to our Family Caregiver Rock Stars, to our Direct Support Professional Wonders, you are our heroes!


As you are aware, the past few days have brought many changes to the field we work in and we, at PPCH, are dedicated to adapt to these changes to ensure the safety and well-being of YOU, our customers, our families, and the community. 


Effective today, we will be closing our Supported Community Connections program, our Specialized Habilitation Program, and our SustainAbility programs, in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy at home. 


But wait!  There’s more!  We are moving at the speed of light, to bring our customers to a whole new experience of virtual, online day program services and behavioral services.   We hope this new technology will allow our customers the ability to continue to receive the highest quality services from PPCH, in the comfort of their home, as well as to provide them with a sense of security that soon, everything will return to normal.  Stay tuned, we will update you as we progress.


We also know that every hero needs help, at times.  So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or your customer might benefit from some counseling, or maybe you just need a short break, we want you to reach out to us so that we can help to get YOU the support you need.  We have staff that willing to come to your home to give you a little break, or therapists on standby to provide our customers with the additional  support and guidance they may need during this difficult time.  DO NOT be afraid to call us!


Hang in there heroes, it’s gonna be a bit bumpy for a while, but together we will shine through!

YOU are amazing!  YOU are appreciated! 


Parker Personal Care Homes, Inc.



JODI WALTERS | Executive Director

3/14 COVID-19 Update

Staff, families and contractors-


We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely. Since our last communication HCPF (the state) has provided some guidance and the CDC provided some additional information on medical conditions that may increase the seriousness of COVID-19. Our leadership has been in contact this weekend and has made the decision to close our DAY PROGRAM (CONNECT and ENGAGE) and SUSTAINABILITY for MONDAY the 16th. Our goal is to take off the 16th to plan for individual's safety with the goal of resuming services. *** STEAMERS will remain open as will all 1:1 services (CES, SLS, CIE).


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. See more details here: 

Jodi Walters

COVID-19 Update 3/13/20



PPCH has asked/ informed both our CCB partners and the state about our intentions to run services moving forward during this unprecedented time and have unfortunately not received feedback. We fully understand that it is a difficult time to get feedback from the state right now given all that is going on and their charge to keep so many populations safe. We have thus made the decision to move forward with the following:

  • Individuals that we serve in day and work settings in group settings that meet the criteria described by the CDC to be a risk of serious illness from COVID-19 (chronic medical condition like heart condition, diabetes, or lung disease) we are asking to voluntarily stay home for two weeks beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. If this will be a major hardship to your family we are asking that you contact the program supervisor so that we can attempt to develop an alternate service model option. Please note that although we have had some ideas that we will operate with an abundance of caution while following CDC, state and local guidance. Additionally, we have not heard back from the state if some of our more creative ideas will be granted some leniency during these extraordinary times. Please be patient with us as we work to attempt to flatten the curve of this virus, keep individuals safe AND find ways to support our staff and all of our providers. Program leaders will be contacting individuals to let them know if they are impacted by this .Our desire is to not JUST cancel services but the reality is we are as of this moment not yet sure what we have the authority to do, resources to do, and is in the best interest of everyone to do. We are working to figure that out! 

  • If you receive residential services through PPCH, our nursing staff will be sending out a list of essential and non-essential medical appointments. Effective immediately we are suspending non-essential medical appointments like dental cleanings, eye checks, routine colonoscopy, etc for the next 30 days. Essential appointments should still continue. This is in effect immediately.  

  • For our staff that visit homes, we will be asking that you only visit homes if you are healthy, and everyone inside is healthy and no-one living in the home meets the CDC criteria for being at risk of serious illness from COVID-19 (chronic illness from heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease). If either the HHP, Foster Family, Family Care Giver or their family member has self-disclosed that they meet that criteria OR the individual living in the home meets that risk category, then the visit will occur over zoom. PPCH has an agency zoom account and can create meetings and have these happen virtually.  Please note that we have an obligation to still lay eyes on individuals in the home. Please also note that we are aware that HCPF (the state) sent out guidance to our CCB partners that case management activities could occur over the phone in the interim for the short term. This DOES NOT apply to us and unless we hear differently from HCPF we are still under obligation to monitor homes, but believe this strikes a safe balance for our staff and our contractors/ individuals we support. THIS WILL ALSO APPLY TO ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 65. In the home we are asking our staff to practice social distancing and ensure we are staying 6 feet away from everyone. This is not to be cold but out of an abundance of caution for our staff and for all of our care providers. This will go into effect Monday, 3/16/20.

  • Working from home- We will be working to actively decrease the daily census in the office, increase meetings from zoom (if meetings need to occur) and focus on developing individual schedules that make sense. Supervisors will work each of you to develop what makes sense. The likely hood is that this will look like 2-3 days out of the office/week. We will be conscientious that for those of you that share offices we will have you in the offices when your office mate is working from home. The goal again is to ensure we are thoughtful of social distancing, maintaining an office presence and keeping all of you safe. This again may change over time. Your supervisor will plan a schedule with you to begin next week.

  • Staff training/ on-boarding- we will be making a short term addendum to our training policy to only be training in person the fundamentals. This will likely include QMAP, CPR and 1:1 classes for individualized needs, but our Training Director will be making that call and sending out more information about that. If you are currently signed up for an in person training, do not be surprised to get a call or email about that class. This will go into effect Monday the 16th.

  • Lastly- Do not come to work sick, and do not return to work unless you have been symptom free without fever maskers like Tylenol or ibuprofen for at least 24 hours. That means ZERO signs or symptoms without any medications to manage those symptoms for 24-hours. THIS ALSO MEANS DO NOT SEND individuals to work or day program sick or without being free of symptoms for 24 hours.  It takes a village everyone! 

  • Technology, technology, technology- you will likely be seeing more of this in the coming weeks. Our therapists have a plan/ are doggedly determined to continue to provide great supports. Where this is appropriate this will mean zoom sessions in place of in person sessions. Where we can continue to provide alternatives that can keep everyone safe and still provide great care we will. 



This is a rapidly evolving situation, and I do not anticipate that this will be the last communication you receive from me. As always, reach out if you have any questions. Stay safe out there friends. 


Jodi Walters

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