Supportive residential services for individuals in a family-type setting

Who lives in host homes?

PPCH offers host home settings for individuals requesting to reside in a family home with their provider.   Individuals who require verbal and/or physical assistance with daily needs should consider a host home setting.

What is a host home setting like?

PPCH has numerous host homes located throughout the metro area.  Each host home is unique in it's area of speciality, general layout and physical location.  We encourage each customer to choose a host home which best fits their individual needs and desires.

What are the responsibilities of a host home provider?

The host home provider's main focus is to provide a safe and loving environment. Each host home provider is responsible to ensure the health and safety of the customer living in their home, while ensuring the customer will have plenty of opportunities for socialization and access to their community resources.

What type of training does a Provider receive?

PPCH provides specialized trainings to all providers.  Trainings include CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration, Customer Rights & many other areas.


All host homes are monitored closely by PPCH to ensure that the customer is receiving the highest level of care.



If you are interested in becoming a Host Home Provider, please contact:


Marty Palinic, Recruiter


If you are interested in more information regarding Host Homes, please contact:


Will Emmons, Director of Placement 


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