Is the FOCUS Program a day program or a work setting?

It is both.  Participants in the program develop their work skills three days per week with paid work activities and work training.  The other day of the week is spent engaging in community outings or fitness and wellness related activities.


How is the FOCUS Program different than other work or day programs?

The FOCUS Program caters to individuals which may be considered high risk due to behavioral concerns and as such may be deemed ineligible for other day programs or work services.   The FOCUS Program is uniquely designed  to help individuals incorporate their therapy tools in a community setting while improving their work skills. 

What are the staff qualifications for the FOCUS Program?

The FOCUS Program is directly supported by Jeff Kisicki,  a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and SOMB Treatment Provider.  Staff in the program receive on-going training and supervision from Jeff.  Jeff and his staff work with FOCUS participants to develop and review safety plans twice weekly before accessing the community.



If you are interested in becoming involved in the Focus Program, please contact:


Kelley McNeir, FOCUS Program Director

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