Family members providing day-to-day supports and services

What is a Family Caregiver?

Under the Family Care Giver option, individuals receive their services directly from a family member instead of an unrelated staff.  This may include assistance with tasks such as bathing, dressing, medications or housekeeping.  The amount and type of involvement is determined by the customer and their team.

Is the Family Caregiver a PPCH employee or contractor?


If you are interested in more information in the Family Caregiver program please contact:


Lindsay Menough,  

Director of Children & Family Services

Family Care Givers are hired by PPCH as an employee and as such are required to take training such as First Aid, CPR and Medication Administration.

What supports can I receive from a Family Caregiver?

Similar to Supported Living Services (SLS), areas of paid support may include assistance with bathing, dressing, meal planning, budgeting, housekeeping and other assistance regarding activities of daily living. The level and type of support is established by the individual and their team members.

What is "Comp in the Home"?

The only difference between the Family Caregiver program and Comprehensive Waiver in the home is that instead of a family member providing the services, a PPCH staff member does. 

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